In this game you have to manage a road network for an ever growing demand. Connect every destination and upgrade your most used roads.

How to play

During the game destinations spawn on the map, these destinations spawn
cars that want to drive to a certain destination. To get there it will
take the shortest path. Make sure you connect everything. Upgrade roads
to get more capacity and speed. You lose when a car has stopped for too
long. When the wait time gets to long, the background of the squares
with congestion will turn red and an alarm will be played.


  •  left click: add/upgrade roads
  •  right click: remove/downgrade roads

Additional info
I did not find a lot of time this weekend and combined with the technical challenges I posed to myself in making this game, expect there to be some bugs. Car movement is pretty weird but every car will get to its destination as long as the destination is connected.

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